Oyster Broccoli Sweet and sour spicy soup

Broccoli Cabbage 2 pieces
Vegetable oil100 ml
Ginger 50 g

Cane sugar 1 teaspoon
Solpo to taste
Chicken stock 100 ml
Oyster sauce 4 tablespoons


  1. Dismantle two heads of broccoli into inflorescences, and cut the inflorescences in half lengthwise. In a wok pan, heat the vegetable oil, add salt and finely chopped ginger and fry in oil the halves of broccoli inflorescences for three minutes.

How to prepare ginger

  1. Then add sugar, chicken stock and oyster sauce, mix and stew broccoli in the sauce for another minute.
    This is just fantastic!
    I tried this dish in the Chinatown quarter restaurant and dreamed of repeating, but here it is the recipe! 🙂

  2. Very tasty and like even for those who like meat more than vegetables 🙂
    This traditional Chinese soup is sometimes called Sichuan or Shanghai soup – in addition to the name, variations are also found in the ingredients, but the three whales on which everything rests are unchanged: sour, sweet, spicy.

Chicken egg 2 pieces
Chicken stock 1 l
Chicken thigh fillet 60 g
Chinese dried mushrooms 40 g
Tofu40 g

Bamboo sprouts 20 g
Black rice vinegar45 ml
Sugar 20 g
Dark soy sauce 30 ml
Sesame oil 4 ml
Cooking Oil7 ml
Potato starch 8 g
Chives 8 g
Chili Bean Sauce30 ml


  1. Soak pressed dried mushrooms (black wood) in a bowl with cold water for about forty minutes – they should open.
  2. At this time, you need to prepare the basis for the soup: heat vegetable oil with Chili Bean sauce in a saucepan, add the broth, add sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and 4 ml of sesame oil, bring the mixture to a boil.


  1. Chicken fillet, soaked and washed mushrooms, tofu cheese and bamboo shoots cut into thin (3-5 mm) straws about 4 cm long. Chop the green onions finely. Dilute potato starch in cold water (in a ratio of 3: 1).\

How to prepare chicken fillet

  1. In the hot base for the soup, send chicken, mushrooms, tofu and bamboo, bring to a boil again, add starch. After that, pour in a little raw, slightly beaten with a fork eggs, constantly stirring the soup until the egg threads are seized.

How to make chicken stock

  1. Sprinkle soup with green onions, remove from heat and serve immediately.

  2. Tofu cannot always be found in traditional Sichuan soup, but crispy soy sprouts, rice noodles or pieces of pickled ginger are found
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