Sweet rice with garlic, shrimp and arugula and Rice Noodles and Lamb Soup

Sushi rice vinegar100 ml
Jasmine Rice 1/2 kg
Cane Sugar 50 g
Arugula100 g
Sesame oil 50 ml

Garlic 12 cloves
Fish sauce 3 tablespoons
Lemon 2 pieces
Shrimp 1/2 kg
Cilantro 50 g


  1. Put jasmine rice in a separate saucepan. And heat the wok, pour in the sesame oil and lightly fry finely chopped garlic in it, by no means allowing overcooking, otherwise the garlic will be bitter.

How to prepare garlic

  1. Squeeze the juice of two lemons into a wok, add fish sauce, sushi vinegar, sugar and shrimp. Simmer all this until the broth from juice, vinegar and oil begins to boil intensively; as soon as this happens, make the fire quieter.

How to prepare shrimp

  1. It is necessary to guess that by this moment the jasmine rice was cooked by four fifths from full readiness. It is easy to do. Usually it is written on the packaging that this rice is cooked until cooked for fifteen to seventeen minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to cook it for thirteen minutes. And try to manage to complete all the manipulations with juice and shrimp during this time.

Pasta Casserole

  1. Throw the arugula, cilantro into the boiling broth and pour rice together with the remaining water, if any. Stir rice with shrimp and broth. Cover the pan, turn off the heat and let it stand for another two or three minutes. During this time, the rice will reach the condition and soak in the sauce.
    If there is no special sushi sauce on hand, this problem can be solved by mixing ordinary rice vinegar with rice vodka and sugar. If you don’t have rice vodka on hand, sweet sherry will work as a palliative.
    Anise (star anise) 4 pieces
    Lamb fillet 200 g
    White bow1 head
    4 garlic cloves
    Sesame oil 20 ml
    Fish sauce 2 tablespoons
    Rice noodles 200 g
    Cilantro1 bunch
    Beef broth 3 l
    Chili pepper 1 piece
    Lime 2 pieces
    Beijing cabbage 1/2 pieces


  1. Pour the oil into the preheated wok pan and fry the mutton, sliced ​​in slices, chopped garlic, coarsely chopped garlic and star anise in it.

How to chop onions

  1. Once the meat is completely cooked, pour the beef broth into the pan and cook the soup for two minutes, until it starts to boil confidently.
  1. Then add the rice noodles and cook for another two minutes, then pour the Beijing cabbage chopped with noodles into the wok, squeeze the juice from two limes. Wait until the liquid begins to boil again, pour the coarsely chopped cilantro into the wok, add the fish sauce and pepper, sliced ​​in rings. Turn off the fire. Cover and let stand for a minute. Then pour on the plates.

How to prepare hot peppers
This is a typical example of a soup native to Southeast Asia. The main flavor components are fried in a wok. Then broth, noodles and greens are added. In this scenario, you can cook an infinite number of soups. Star anise (also known as star anise), popular in South China, is among the indispensable in Vietnamese cuisine. Many soups, sauces, and other hot dishes in Vietnam have a distinct anise smell and flavor.

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